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the last narakk'ir

‘Anhur’ was the name granted to the newborn child, within the protection of the house built between rock and sand, under the warm sun of the vast desert of Nan’gar.


The infant had no usual name, for it held a special meaning: ‘light of the horizon’, in the language of Anak’krasus. His mother gave it to him because she had seen in the child’s eyes an esplendid upcoming of their race in the future; she saw an authentic protector of Nan’gar within him, just like how his father was: the general Karik. Both of them shared the same yellow hue in their gaze, an extremely rare feature among the people of the desert.

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 ”Terminus Finalem Inter Homines Et Deos”

ADAM Corporation started off as a small company based on space mining, which with time, won enough power to become one of the greatest references in technology all over the world. Or at least, that is what everyone knows. Dubious matters bath the high corridors of ADAM… in the shadows.

-adam’s database-

Base – Delta is a scientific base located on the Moon, on Crater Dante C, where a scientific program is being worked on, led by Dr. Kita and Dr. Lewis. These scientists are focused on investigating about the nature of Kronium ores and other strange artifacts of unknown origin.

Base – Omega is a mining base located on the Moon, on the west zone of Crater Dante E, where mining procedures are being developed. The main task of the miners is extracting a mineral called Kronium; this strange ore is very valuable for technology matters.

Base – Sigma is ADAM’s central base on the Moon and located right in the middle of Crater Dante, in which the DANTE program is taking place. It is a medical project established to deal with a strange illness that has been spreading to the local miners. There is a lot more going on in  [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION – CODE P.I].

President of ADAM Corporation. He inherited the enterprise from his father, Arthur J. Lewis.

Vincent is transforming ADAM into what its founders dreamed of.

Susan is the adopted daughter of Dr. Vincent, and John Hall’s fiancée. She is one of the most brilliant mineralogists in ADAM Corporation.

Dr. Kita is one of the lead scientists in ADAM Corporation. Little is known about her since she left Moon Base-Delta to join a classified astronomical expedition.

For years, ADAM Corporation has used AI devices as support units for their missions on the planet Killin’thar. They scan, analyze and record the advances in their researches, and they also ensure their assigned explorer’s safety. The latest registered model designed by ADAM is called EVE-07.

EVE-07 is the support AI assigned to ‘Test Subject-67’ for his mission.

Only one 07 model has ever been created.  

Cygni 186-f is an alien planet located in the planetary system Cygni 186

ADAM Corporation has been sending researchers to Cygni 186-f for years, in order to discover more about ancient ruins which have been spotted there.

Cygni 186-d is an alien planet located in the planetary system Cygni 186

ADAM Corporation has been doing investigations and some research about this volcanic exoplanet, which posesses an unstable core.

That is the main reason why ADAM didn’t sent anyone… until now.

Cygni 186-v is a black hole located in the planetary system Cygni 186.

This void is a main point of interest for the corporation, since ADAM scientists think that this black hole is connected to another dimension.

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