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Introducing Project Infinite, a videogame by Cygnus Void.


Project Infinite is a third-person single-player adventure videogame, with an exciting mix of puzzles and features of exploration, suspense and survival– all of it set in a rich, science fiction world.  


The player will need to keep their energy levels in order to survive while dealing with the strangest creatures and discovering the history of a lost, alien civilization: the Anak’krasus; as well as the reason why John Hall, the main character, was sent there, too.



John’s life depends on the energy of his DANTE suit, and this keeps decreasing as the time passes. Collect red Kronium crystals and use them to recharge your energy on a regular basis.

Deal with dangerous and unknown creatures by defending yourself using ADAM’s expedition weapons, which you will find along the way.​



Learn the events related to the mining company– be it through archives, recordings and other hints left by the corporation among the old dunes of the desert.


Find out the true intentions of ADAM Corporation, at the same time you discover what happened to the previous expedition, as well as with the Anak’krasus.



Break through dark caves, arid deserts, lost temples and abandoned laboratories while resolving puzzles and unlocking ancient mechanisms.

Investigate the environment by collecting old relics and inscriptions, which contain information about the alien civilization that lived on the planet.


The year is 2064. John Hall is sent to an alien planet by ADAM corporation, under the mission of exploring the place in order to carry out space minery activities in the future. However, as soon as he sets foot there, he starts to realize that something is off: any kind of communication with the operations center is completely cut off. John is all by himself, and his only company is E-07, his support AI. Together, they will try to find any hint of ADAM’s steps, while trying to survive in such remote, mysterious and dangerous planet.


The strange ruins of an ancient civilization will open up to them, changing everything John used to know.




· A whole new fictional and immersive universe to discover!

· An amazing and detailed environment to move around and explore.

· Mysterious puzzles and challenges to overcome.

· Suspenseful, adrenaline-inducing moments full of tension.

· Deep characters with a background that is yet to be discovered.


Project Infinite’s game design has matured and it’s captured in form of a prototype that defines the whole concept in a small scale, we are working hard developing the prototype to evolve it into the complete blueprint.

 In Cygnus Void we are decided to reach that horizon.

Take a look at our current prototype

The goal of this prototype is to introduce Project Infinite’s universe to the players, get them to know its environment and atmosphere

and also show them the basic mechanics through a kind of tutorial chapter.

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