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The year is 2064. John Hall is sent to an alien planet by ADAM corporation, under the mission of exploring the place in order to carry out space minery activities in the future. However, as soon as he sets foot there, he starts to realize that something is off: any kind of communication with the operations center is completely cut off. John is all by himself, and his only company is E-07, his support AI. Together, they will try to find any hint of ADAM’s steps, while trying to survive in such remote, mysterious and dangerous planet.


The strange ruins of an ancient civilization will open up to them, changing everything John used to know.


Project Infinite is the first game by Cygnus Void, currently under development

It is a puzzle exploration sci-fi themed indie game.

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Discover stories about Anak’krasus civilization, 

or take a look at ADAM’s database

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