Hi I’m Víctor, and I’m the concept designer of the team. One of the things that I like to do is to think outside the box, but what I like even more than that is to try to help my teammates and provide them with whatever they need. Let me explain you why I love to be a part of this family.

We’re a small video game design team, we’ve worked together for 2 and a half years. One thing that I believe we’ve learned is the importance of listening, because as we all know, the very best ideas, can very often come from the quietest voices. Ideas are extremely fragile, ideas are not predictable in terms of when you’ll have them and how many you’re gonna have. And so, over the time, we’ve tried to create a team, and an environment that I think increases the probability of coming up with good ideas, and when they actually happen, it also helps to nurture them. My whole own mark in this group is to ask an awful lot of questions, to have my head down and work, and ignore in some sense all the reasons why something couldn’t be possible.


Designing and the process of making really should be inseparable; for every single object that you see in the game, countless of concepts had to be designed, 3 dimensional prototypes had to be created and experimented with. You understand the nature of a videogame so much more, when you understand how it came to be. And that’s why I love what I do.