Hi! I am Sara García, Lead Artist of Cygnus Void. Today it’s my turn to talk a little about my experience in the project.

I joined the team pretty much when the idea of Project Infinite just started, but I never thought we could arrive this far. I started out as a concept artist and I was supposed to stay like that at the beginning: doing some drawings and designs sporadically, like this one:

However, with time, I found myself more and more involved with the project, with its universe, its characters, its ideas, etcetera. We could say I was one of the first members to hear about the base of our current lore from its creator, Carles: 40 pages full of crazy, strange and a bit incoherent Anak’krasus lore ideas, but that in fact were really interesting.

Since that day I have been providing more support to the Cygnus Void team doing a lot of different things (writing lore and dialogs, doing storyboards, participating in the game design and the project management, among others). I became less shy and started to give my opinion on everything, trying to do my best and the best of Cygnus Void. Because, as my teammates probably know by now, I am quite the perfectionist so I always try to take care of every single detail, even if that drives them crazy sometimes xD

Being in Cygnus Void is hard sometimes, but my global experience here has been very positive,  and I hope we can carry out our project and reach ever further horizons than the ones we have already reached.

And I will leave it here for now so that’s it for today! Hope you liked it, and here’s my Instagram account if any of you want to check my work~ @saruka_studio

Maybe in the next post I could share something about the development of the universe and lore of Project Infinite, but we’ll see 👀


See you soon!