Hello! Carles Folch here, today we’ll talk about the visuals of P.I and how important they are for our project.



Now, you may think: woah, this is wrong, for making a good game you don’t need good visuals.

That is true, partially, but for making a good game you do need inputs that make the player feel something in particular, immersion that translates into having fun.

That’s why the visuals are important in P.I; we need them in order to make the players feel what we want them to feel, we need to express our vast universe in the forms that define giant alien temples, color palettes that transmits the loneliness and coldness of a distant planet… and much more.

Of course there’s a lot of ways to represent what I just explained, and Unreal Engine is the path to follow.

In fact, when we started with the first base concepts in the engine, our visuals where clunky and odd, but it was our starting point, we materialized what we had in mind and then said: ”Okay, we like what this makes us feel, but it’s not quite there, let’s continue.”


This hunger for shaping better our idea pushed us to improve ourselves drastically, and we achieved results that pleased us. We are sure that with our team we can achieve the certain level of quality we desire.

That’s why we decided to start the prototype, because we had an idea and a vision, so Cygnus Void team started to make it real.



Nonetheless we are still and every day aiming for more; our milestones get more ambitious as time passes by, so do we.


As I said, we use cgi for concept too: we combine traditional concept art with 3d to get our ideas right.



As a lead 3D artist I’m very proud of how we are improving, and as a game director I am so happy that we are following relentlessly our dreams in Cygnus Void.