Hi everyone, I’m Sergi Viladesau, co-founder and graphic designer of Cygnus Void. Today it is my job to share our project with you.

Let’s make a quick refresh of the beginning of Project Infinite, when it was just an idea. I remember well the moment Carles asked me if i wanted to be part of his project, and I gladly accepted and then we started working on it. At that time I didn’t have the title of graphic designer in the project, I began working just as a concept artist, drawing possible landscapes and providing ideas. My first concept was a photomontage of a desert that helped to create the first images of the game.

And this small demo was the starting shot of Project Infinite; with these first images we were able to attract some new members that wanted to be part of the game. Now, we are a small, multidisciplinary family always wanting to improve.

But let’s not dwell too much in the past, and let’s talk about the present, this very moment. Right now, I’m no longer a concept artist; thanks to the very talented and creative artists that we have on the team, I’m allowed to be fully dedicated on the graphic design, mainly working on the branding and the ingame UI design. Some days ago, I created the website with the help of Sara, our lead artist, to help you get closer to the project and create a contact point between you, our readers and supporters, and us, the Cygnus Void team.

And this will be all for now, I hope you liked it! On my next post, I will talk more about the creation of the UI and its evolution.

PD: You can follow my work on my Instagram account @ svi_graphics 😉